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The What the Hell Are You Watching?!
is a movie review & commentary podcast
hosted by actor and filmmaker
Lincoln L. Hayes.

Each episode welcomes a new guest host to discuss a favorite film, hated film, or new in theaters.

Past guests include actors, writers, directors, stand-up comedians, musicians, aspiring lawyers, and even some British guys.

A proud member of the Battleship Pretension Fleet.

Mar 19, 2019

Brian Crawford Scott returns and joins Lincoln to discuss "Fighting With My Family", written and directed by Stephen Merchant, produced by Dwayne Johnson, and based on a true story. 

Mar 15, 2019

Rachel and Lincoln discuss the 1997 Julia Robert's classic "My Best Friend's Wedding", with Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, and Rupert Everett. 

Mar 6, 2019

Rachel and Lincoln discuss the 1999 film "Drive Me Crazy" starring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier.

Feb 24, 2019

Lincoln and Rachel are launching a new podcast focused on romantic comedies! Their goal is to analyze rom-coms and establish their worth, their shortcomings, and lasting impact on film and television.

In their first episode, they discuss "When Harry Met Sally". 

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Feb 10, 2019

Lincoln is joined by his sister Jennifer Hayes Rollins to discuss why "Meet Joe Black" is a slow, plodding, turd of a movie with two great actors doing the best they can.