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The What the Hell Are You Watching Podcast is a (mostly) bi-monthly movie review and commentary podcast hosted by Lincoln L. Hayes & Tim Bridge.

Together, Hayes and Bridge watch and review new releases in theaters or on streaming services.

Sometimes a guest stops by, usually a local comedian, filmmaker, or just a cool person, and they get to choose either a movie they love or hate to discuss, whatever will get Tim riled up. Then usually they play trivia. Sound fun? IT IS.

Jul 30, 2012

This week sees a welcome return to 80s schock with Larry Cohen's 1985 film, The Stuff. Lincoln watched a few movies and even finished one, Kyle learns not to judge weird movies by their title, there's even more discussion about Lincoln punching Kyle's dead body in the face, Michael Moriarty's acting choices are questioned, and we finally learn what to do if we find a yummy white subtstance bubbling up from the ground.