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The What the Hell Are You Watching Podcast is a (mostly) bi-monthly movie review and commentary podcast hosted by Lincoln L. Hayes & Tim Bridge.

Together, Hayes and Bridge watch and review new releases in theaters or on streaming services.

Sometimes a guest stops by, usually a local comedian, filmmaker, or just a cool person, and they get to choose either a movie they love or hate to discuss, whatever will get Tim riled up. Then usually they play trivia. Sound fun? IT IS.

Oct 15, 2012

Ha HA! The surprise went swimmingly! Lincoln and Kyle are joined by Lincoln's girlfriend (now fiance!!!) Rachel to discuss their recent trip to London. It was pretty great. The movie this week is an anti-drug PSA masquerading as a horror movie called Blue Sunshine. It features characters behaving in really eratic and unbelievable ways, and also has some people who are affected by LSD. Also discussed are the need for bad guys, the inherent evil of baldness, softcore pornography, and jet lag. Love you; proud of you.

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