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The What the Hell Are You Watching Podcast is a (mostly) bi-monthly movie review and commentary podcast hosted by Lincoln L. Hayes & Tim Bridge.

Together, Hayes and Bridge watch and review new releases in theaters or on streaming services.

Sometimes a guest stops by, usually a local comedian, filmmaker, or just a cool person, and they get to choose either a movie they love or hate to discuss, whatever will get Tim riled up. Then usually they play trivia. Sound fun? IT IS.

Aug 5, 2013

Before he was one of the biggest names in Hollywood and an Oscar-winning actor and Oscar-nominated filmmaker, George Clooney played the sleazy, floppy-haired sidekick in Return of the Killer Tomatoes, a silly movie we decided to watch. Also discussed are trips back to Colorado, overachieving writing projects, latter-day cartoons, irritating surveys, and, as usual, a smattering of new trailers. Kyle and Lincoln are at their silliest this week, so be warned.