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The What the Hell Are You Watching?!
is a movie review & commentary podcast
hosted by actor and filmmaker
Lincoln L. Hayes.

Each episode welcomes a new guest host to discuss a favorite film, hated film, or new in theaters.

Past guests include actors, writers, directors, stand-up comedians, musicians, aspiring lawyers, and even some British guys.

A proud member of the Battleship Pretension Fleet.

May 11, 2017

Our ol' pal Brian Crawford Scott is back on the podcast for a fourth time! The film he chose is "Whiplash" starring JK Simmons and Miles Teller, written and directed by Damien Chazelle. You know, the guy who made "La La Land". Two of us love the movie. One of us is a dissenter. Can you guess who?

Also discussed were "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates", "Workaholics", "Free Fire", "Borderland", "Batman and Bill" and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2" which will be discussed at length in a future episode. 

Also big shout out to Squatty Potty! Brian and Lincoln both have one and LOVE it. And thank you to Battleship Pretension for having us back on the fleet!

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@WTHAreUWatching, @Bttlshpprtnsn, @SquattyPotty


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