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The What the Hell Are You Watching?!
is a movie review & commentary podcast
hosted by actor and filmmaker
Lincoln L. Hayes.

Each episode welcomes a new guest host to discuss a favorite film, hated film, or new in theaters.

Past guests include actors, writers, directors, stand-up comedians, musicians, aspiring lawyers, and even some British guys.

Also part of this show is The Beta Couple Podcast with Rachel Riendeau Hayes and Lincoln discussing romantic comedies!

A proud member of the Battleship Pretension Fleet.

Oct 29, 2012

It's both spooky and scary when Lincoln and Kyle talk about the history and impact of slasher movies to the field of horror. Also chatted 'bout are cats with impecable aim, a world without zombies, eye-doubling, the dastardly deeds of New Line's Bob Shaye, and how many deaths actually constitute a "massacre." It's...

Oct 22, 2012

It's a boobs-out edition of the podcast as the fellas discuss Tobe Hooper's 1985 nude space vampire opus, Lifeforce. Lincoln's in a play he really wants you to see; Kyle's in a video show he really wants you to watch; they're both in a state of perpetual confusion about most things. Recommendations for Argo, American...

Oct 15, 2012

Ha HA! The surprise went swimmingly! Lincoln and Kyle are joined by Lincoln's girlfriend (now fiance!!!) Rachel to discuss their recent trip to London. It was pretty great. The movie this week is an anti-drug PSA masquerading as a horror movie called Blue Sunshine. It features characters behaving in really eratic...

Oct 7, 2012

With Lincoln (and Kyle...surprise) both out of the country this week, you're treated to the third and final part of the pilot to 1978's Battlestar Galactica in commentary form. It's much more lively than the last one, we promise. If anyone has any suggestions for other old or weird TV episodes...

Oct 1, 2012

Mockbusters are a pile of crockbusters. Lincoln chooses his namesake this week and the boys have to watch a stupid movie with that one bearded president. They also each watched a stupid movie on their own that they discuss and talk about historical inaccuracies all over the shop. Kyle brings some other...