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The What the Hell Are You Watching?!
is a movie review & commentary podcast
hosted by actor and filmmaker
Lincoln L. Hayes.

Each episode welcomes a new guest host to discuss a favorite film, hated film, or new in theaters.

Past guests include actors, writers, directors, stand-up comedians, musicians, aspiring lawyers, and even some British guys.

Also part of this show is The Beta Couple Podcast with Rachel Riendeau Hayes and Lincoln discussing romantic comedies!

A proud member of the Battleship Pretension Fleet.

Nov 25, 2013

While Kyle's off in foggy Londontown for Doctor Who stuff, Lincoln sat down with friend and You Tube proxy Ryan Klink to discuss the ARNOLD in the 80s action classic "Commando". If you like action movies, this is certainly a good'n. Apologies for the clinking of ice cubes during the latter part of the episode. And also...

Nov 18, 2013

After some of the best banter ever committed to podcast, Kyle and Lincoln discuss computer and postal woes, film festival badassery, fuck-off vibes, boring documentaries, and cats on drugs before getting to this week's movie du jour, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, the very last Hammer Horror film directed by...

Nov 11, 2013

This week, the fellows talk about a movie everyone on Earth forgot, probably: Richard Donner's adaptation of a Michael Crichton novel, Timeline, which stars Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, and a bunch of other people you recognize. They also talk about dumb old jokes, TV shows they finally watched, time travel paradoxes,...

Nov 4, 2013

This week, the fellas record in the afternoon, so you know things get a bit loopy. The movie in question is a bizarre Danish experiment from the early '60s about going to the planet UrAHnus, land of 10,000 lakes. Also discussed are X-Men and Captain America trailers, a guy with some arrows, the formula for hipsterism,...