This week, the fellas discuss 1985's Explorers directed by Joe Dante and starring very, very young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix. (Sidebar: Phoenix & Hawke could be an awesome cop show). The movie's all about kids who build a spaceship and go meet aliens. It's pretty great. Also on the chat-docket are films by Jacques Tati, why Disney wants to forget some of its darker movies, why The Clone Wars is easily better than the prequels, and telemarketers.

Also! The second season of Boyfriend Training begins this Thursday, May 7th. Go to Lincoln's website and YouTube channel to watch and subscribe!

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This week's episode is about the 2014 horror-comedy WolfCop, highly recommended to us by Paul and Ash of Hammered Horror. Do the fellas enjoy it? You'll have to wait and see. Kyle also speaks really bad French for awhile, so apologies in advance.

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This is quite the week on the ol' cast of pod. It's time once again for our dear friend Joey Thomas' birthday and this year, much to Kyle's chagrin, she's chosen James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic, long the highest grossing film of all time before Cameron's stupid blue people film. Did Kyle hate it as he suspected he would? Lincoln's wife Rachel also joins the discussion and tells some ghost stories about the Titanic exhibit where she used to work. Other things discussed include Daredevil and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Like I said; quite a week.

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It's nothing but banter this week, friends! A little bit of who-knows-what this week, stream of consciousness, a bit about James Bond, some other movies and things. Tubthumping, you guys. Hey, it's a loosy goosy ep.

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This is an episode full of talking about things we've seen, if you can believe it. Kyle went to the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival where he saw quite a few old movies as well as watching the Fast & Furious movies from 3-7. Lincoln watched a poop ton of documentaries, including the highly controversial Going Clear, and there's a big discussion about the plot of It Follows (spoilers for sure there). Finally, they get to the movie of the week, 2013's The Machine in which Arrow's Caity Lotz plays both a human trying to make robots better and a robot trying to be more human. She succeeds, clearly.

Next week will be a Banter episode, so please tell us what you'd like us to talk about!

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This week, Lincoln's back and picked a horseshit movie neither he nor Kyle liked that purported to be starring the Rock but it wasn't, really. They also talk about other movies like The Kingsman and also It Follows again.

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One more week with our good friend Paul Heath filling in for Lincoln is one of the more rambly fun episodes we've done. Kyle and Paul discuss the new horror film It Follows, the way John Carpenter and David Cronenberg and George A. Romero are the baseline for scary flicks today, history of Nazi Germany and Hollywood, Errol Flynn and Charlie Chaplin, and more! And the movie this week is Joe Johnston's 1991 adventure classic The Rocketeer, starring Bill Campbell, Timothy Dalton, and the lovely Jennifer Connelly. Our friend Rob Walker also drops some knowledge on the movie on us all, because he's way better than most.

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This is the first of two weeks with Lincoln on sabbatical, so Kyle is joined by 4th (or possibly 5th) chair, Paul Heath, live and in the same house (because they only live a couple of blocks away from each other) to discuss the 2008 Canadian horror film Pontypool all about word-zombies. Yeah, for reals. They also talk about the joys of Universal Studios, watching various shows on Netflix, like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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This week, the fellas are celebrating the life and career of one of sci-fi's greatest champions, and just an all-around awesome guy, Leonard Nimoy, who passed away on February 27th, 2015, at the age of 83. In honor of Mr. Spock, there's a great deal of talk about Star Trek in general and the movie in question is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home which Nimoy himself directed. In unrelated topics, Lincoln hates the opera, and Kyle hates poor grammar. So, pretty usual.

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Always nice to see an old friend again. Kyle picked for this week's episode yet another film by the Italian maestro of the macabre, Mario Bava. Only this time, it's not a gothic horror tale, but one of urban fear in the form of a tense hostage situation in Kidnapped, aka Rabid Dogs. Also discussed are Game of Thrones, Beatles impressions, and old commercials.

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